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  • Jill McCleary, Life/Health Coach

    Are you sick and tired of the way your life is going? Do you feel like you were made for so much more… Are you ready for change in your life? A life coach nudges us to change the paradigms and perspectives we have been living out of, freeing us up for a new life. Through energetic healing and intuitive coaching I help clear unresolved issues both emotional and physical. I work with you to help restore joy and passion into your life.

    Through the powerful use of Havening Techniques, I help people clear the weeds out of the garden of their lives so they can design and create the life they want, unfettered from the things that hold them back. Havening makes the process of change so much easier. There is no force or the need to will power your way through something. Working with me will help you choose new paths and open to new experiences, as we clear up what weighs you down.

    As an experienced Natural Therapeutics Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist with extensive study of Yoga and Qi-Gong, I’ve successfully helped others find healing through a variety of energy modalities. I am ready to help you move into the life you desire, gently nudging and challenging where you perspectives hold you back and working with you to create a full and healthy life.