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    Eric A. Ward, MA, LPC-Supervisor – Chief Clinical Officer

    Stress & past trauma can sneak up & have us feeling stuck. Chemical & sexual addictions can effect our work, our marriages, our relationships, & our lives. The weight is heavy, but there is hope. For over twenty years, I’ve worked with adults, adolescents, couples, & families to help them overcome all manner of addictions & traumas, alleviate anxiety & depression, improve relationships, & reach their personal & relational potential. As an insightful and experienced counselor, I count it a privilege to partner with you on your journey towards a stronger, more successful you. From the first session, you will be encouraged with real and practical tools you can use to help combat the addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, hopelessness, relational issues, and overwhelm in your life. I offer counseling on a wide range of issues facing people today, and Christian counseling is also available upon request.